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Forex Trading for Wednesday August 22, 2012

21st Century Forex Trader has product line dedicated towards helping anyone willing to participant learn how to maneuver successfully in $4 Trillion Dollar a Day Forex Markets.

Retail customers are minnows in a shark tank and 90% or more attempting to trade in most liquid market on earth today are absolutely clueless on how blessed their LIVES and those around them could be by giving quality of attention to Forex Markets.

I'm never amazed at how masses are dazed and confused on learning a vocation for life. Having a Coach / Mentor during the journey is an absolute. Plus, if that coach / mentor teaches you how to succeed in markets, why would you WANT to LEAVE. I mean seriously - Are YOU Kidding Me?

If price for staying was within reason to allow YOU to still generate positive pips that changes your lifestyle.

I constantly listen to misinformed people take shots or ask questions that have NO relevance to becoming successful long term traders in Forex Markets.  Everyone wants it easy.

Folks, trust me - I have spent more hours in markets since 2001 than anyone else selling services (software, trade alerts, LIVE classes, Boot Camps, etc) So I have experience in sharing my ideas in this arena.

Many of YOU are Delusional - flat out silly in way YOU trade markets.

Of course, there are myriad of reasons why - the most common is LISTENING To those who are marketers ONLY and could give a rats BUTT if you succeed or not. Trust me, anyone promising taking a small amount and turning into Millions is full OF CRAP.

They are preying on emotions of get rich quick.. of those who don't have money to begin with and these P.O.S. litter your email with promise of riches.

Second, many have no concept about their attachment to money issues. I have watched ATM (attachment to money) humans ruin any shot they have of  maintaining success by not working on their number one weakness.